DIY: a green front garden

Grey out, green in

Are you tired of those uninviting grey tiles you see when you step out of your front door? Discover this DIY, which will give both your front garden and your mood a big boost. You can transform your front garden into a green oasis in just a few steps, making it more pleasant for both yourself and your neighbours.

DIY: a green front garden |


The seed has been planted and the idea is there. Now it's time to make a plan and determine what your new front yard will look like. How should you go about it? Do you choose perennials, bloomers in pots or a combination? To help you make a plan, check out our tips below. 

  • Inspire your neighbours or get inspired by them! Do your neighbours already have a green front garden? If not, are they open to a metamorphosis from grey to green? Consider creating a matching green entranceway together, which is double the fun of just one!
  • When making your decisions, take the location of your front garden into account. Do you get a lot of sun? Then consider planting hollyhock, ornamental grasses or wisteria. Lots of shade? Then plants such as anemone, hydrangea and Clematis are a good idea.
  • Keep companion planting in mind when choosing your plants. Group plants that require similar growing and living conditions (water, light, air) together.
  • Opt for some evergreens, such as ivy, lavender, skimmia, and passionflower. When combining plants and flowers, also make sure to consider the growth and flowering time. If you plant carefully, you can enjoy a radiant front garden all year round!


Roll up your sleeves. How far you have to roll up them up, of course, depends on how thoroughly you tackle the front yard. You can go a long way with a number of beautiful plants in pots, such as in the photo below. Here, we chose olive, sage, Choisya Ternata Lich and Verbena Bonariensis.

Are we really saying goodbye to the tiles? If so, that will require some digging. You'll need shovel away at least 30cm of sand, and replace the sand with garden soil. Do you not have a front garden, but you do have a small balcony or spacious sidewalk in front of your house that you'd like to make green? Take a look at our DIY for making dull walls and drainpipes dripping with greenery, or at these tips for a green balcony.

And now for the best part: giving your outdoor space a new look! Plant your plants and/or flowers where they look best, together in a pot or in your newly created garden. Don't forget to give your new green friends a sip of water. Head here for watering tips

Got inspired? We'd love to see your green front garden! Share your metamorphosis with us via Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #thejoyofplants and #fromgreytogreen.