DIY: A good intentions tree for your New Year's Resolutions

Hang notes from leaves as a reminder and motivation
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The new year brings an opportunity to take stock of the previous year, and plan for the months ahead. Combine gratitude for what you have achieved over the past twelve months with resolutions for the year to come, in the form of an intentions tree for January. Fill the empty spot in your home left by the Christmas tree with a houseplant hung with personal notes, and create a plant manifestation of all that you would like to happen in 2022. 

Plant your resolutions
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How to make the intentions tree

It doesn’t really matter what plant you use, and if you don't have space for a tree, a medium-sized plant on a side table will work just as well. Choose a plant that is meaningful, to remind you of its importance, or a good-looking variety which means you'll keep stopping to admire it. Write your resolutions on attractive paper, and sketch some images that bring the idea to life, or add motivational quotes to accompany them. Then simply secure the notes to the plant with ribbons. 


Have you thought about making green resolutions for this year? For example, think of bringing more greenery into your home in a more conscious way. This is very much in line with the current style trend. How about making a green plant curtain, or creating a plant pattern on your wall? Or could your plant care use an upgrade? If so, check out our Green Paper for a fresh take on how to take the best care of your plants. 

A plant for everyone

Share the intentions tree around: invite your family to hang their own resolutions onto the branches. Or give your friends or neighbours a plant and a stack of blank cards as a present for the new year and an invitation for them to create their own. With a plant like this, that's got our backs, we bet that everyone will still be sticking to their resolutions halfway through 2022. Good luck!


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Plant je goede voornemens
Plant je goede voornemens
Plant je goede voornemens