DIY: Bring nature to the table with a tree trunk centrepiece

A decorative spring display

Celebrate springtime with a centrepiece that brings nature indoors to crown your table. A decorative display arranged on a mossy slice of tree trunk is bold and original, the perfect backdrop to the season.

Bring nature to the table with a tree trunk centrepiece

What you need:

  • A slice of tree trunk, measuring 30. cm across

  • A large handful of fresh, green moss

  • 7 medium hen's eggs and a handful of quail’s eggs

  • Rolls of adhesive tape

  • A selection of attractive feathers

  • Various flowers and plants — we used lily of the valley, carnations, narcissi and succulents

  • Potting soil

Get to work

Make a medium-sized opening at the top of each eggshell and pour out the egg that's inside. Save it for using in an omelette or in a recipe for a delicious Easter cake. 

The empty eggshell can now serve as a tiny flowerpot. Carefully fill it with potting soil, then nestle a delicate little plant inside.

Place the rolls of adhesive tape, which will serve as sturdy egg holders, on the tree trunk, then place the eggs on top. Take small pieces of the moss and carefully drape them around the base of the eggs and over the surface of the tree trunk until you can no longer see any wood or tape. Finish off the display with quail’s eggs and feathers.

There you have it: a tableful of nature.

Etagère boomstam