Create a holiday feeling with plants

Make every day more exciting

Holidays are fun. No work, no alarm clock, no commute, no meetings and no deadlines. While we sadly can't be on a break all year round, we can at least bring some relaxed holiday vibes into our day-to-day lives. Plants will help us do just that.

Create a holiday feeling with plants

Avoid the daily blues

It's difficult to keep the relaxed feeling of being on holiday going when we're faced with the rhythm of our daily lives. When we're away, we leave our computers behind and spend time outdoors. Often, we take the time to reconnect with nature and enjoy the natural plantlife. The scent of pine trees at a campsite, the jungle plants that line the forest path and the iced tea with mint beside your sun lounger all make us feel more relaxed.

Bring the holiday spirit into your home

With green plants around us, we can also make a connection with nature at home, and transport ourselves to a relaxing holiday destination in our minds. Plants are excellent additions to every room in the house, but the bathroom is the place to decorate for the ultimate feeling of relaxation. With ferns, Calatheas, Rhipsalis, a Ficus lyrata, a Kentia palm and a tropical Strelitzia, it's easy to feel immersed in nature.

With herbs, naturally

Make your green bathroom experience even more complete, add slices of citrus to the bathwater. Or make a  botanical room spray with your choice of herbs like rosemary and lavender, or lemon. Then you can walk back to your computer feeling refreshed, invigorated and relaxed.