Christmas tree out, Houseplant in

A new year means a new spot for a fantastic plant!

Whilst one person wants to hang on to the festive season for as long as possible, another has been trying to get the tree out of the house for weeks. But now it really has to go! The days are gradually getting longer, and even Twelfth Night has passed. But the good news is that the new year and your new resolutions mean the we suddenly have plenty of space for a new showstopper. Christmas tree out, houseplant in. Welcome to 2018!

Christmas tree out, houseplant in

Put the baubles away and untangle the fairy lights (do it now, otherwise you’ll spend hours trying to sort them out next year) and leave the past year behind you. It’s time to get to work! Will it be one big one, or several small ones? What sort of leaves? Coloured? Easy to care for? Will you choose a dazzling specimen that simply offers a great display, or do you want one that helps to remind you of your New Year’s resolutions? You can hang them off the plant! Or will you go all the way and create a Zen plant altar? A new year means new possibilities. How wonderful that it’s finally January!