Christmas cactus

This succulent, also known as Schlumbergera,  thrives during the darker days and it shows by the abundance of flowers it produces. Easy to remember: short days, lovely flowers.

It’s an ingenious creation, the Christmas cactus. Take a good look. The plant has strong flat leaves like finger joints, with bent needles and flower buds on them. The buds start to blossom at the end of the autumn or in the winter and then show you their purple, red, white, orange or pink beautiful colours.

Christmas cactus flowers, thejoyofplants

Christmas cactus: modest Brazilian

The Christmas cactus owes its name to the flowering season but what about its origins? They're found in the Brazilian rainforests, where the plant has a modest life on tree trunks. The Christmas cactus isn’t a troublemaker in your home either. The only thing it worries about is its position, so don’t move it, as it might drop its buds in protest.