Are you ready for the change of season?

Autumn has arrived gradually. We can recognise the new season by the golden evening light, the familiar smell left by an autumn rain shower, the sound of crunching leaves under your boats. The change of season is a moment to stop and think. Have you made the necessary adjustments yet?

Change of Season

Autumn is upon us

Get your scarf out of the cupboard. And don’t forget the extra dressing for the front door! Pardon? Well, just like you modifying your wardrobe to the season, you can also ‘autumnise’ the exterior of your home. Autumn is upon us, so welcome the new season at the front door. Make an autumn wreath with the front door as the chic frame, and create an attractive collection of plants and pots for a stunning first impression. You can use classic outdoor plants to bring colour, shape and style to your personal outdoor space, whether it’s a patio, front porch or garden!

Get stuck in

Although spring appears to be the perfect time to work on the garden, the foundation for a year-round garden is actually laid in the autumn. But there is also work to be done for the approaching seasons. Give Nature a helping hand and ensure that your garden is wildlife-friendly this year. And speaking of wildlife-friendly, is the weather still plant-friendly? Maybe it’s time for an autumn greenhouse or orangery?


Enjoy a roast & toast

After all that preparation for the approaching seasons, you deserve something nice. Enjoy the autumn sunshine and the opportunity to eat outdoors on your own or with others during a roast & toast. We offer three guilt-free comfort food recipes. This is also a good time to look ahead to the work you can expect to do at the end of the season. That will be the time to get your garden and the associated tools ready for the new change of season. Take a look at this handy checklist!

Social season

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