Caring for succulents

Allow your cacti to flourish

Succulents and cacti are often thought of as being some of the toughest plants, but that's no reason not to give them the care they deserve. They still need attention in order to stay healthy and look good in the home.

How to care for succulents on

The right amount of light

Although cacti are naturally found in deserts and hot regions, succulents used as houseplants may struggle to thrive if they are left in the full midday sun. Ensure your plants do get a lot of sunlight, but don't let them burn by placing them slightly away from direct sunlight.

Use a sandy soil

In their natural environments, succulents grow in gritty soil so try and replicate this when in the home.

Drainage is key

This tip isn't just for succulents: make sure you pot your plant somewhere that has a drainage hole in the bottom. Terracotta pots are ideal for this but any planter which allows for water to leave will work as well.

Remember to water

Low maintanence as they may be, succulents do still need watering. This is particularly true in the warmer months of the year when the plant should be soaked whenever the soil is totally dry. Do try not to overwater the plant though as this can be detrimental to its growth.