Can you smell the Phalaenopsis?

Beyoncé Rise - A scent of orchids and empowerment

Does a part of you ever want to be a little bit like Beyoncé?  You can do this without the blood, sweat and tears with her fragrance, Beyoncé Rise. The orchid plays a major role in this perfume. 

Queen Bee and the Phalaenopsis

The ‘Queen Bee’ has launched the fragrance Beyoncé Rise, which symbolises the inner strength of women. The perfume features the flower of her favourite plant, the orchid. Together with apricot, basil, Freesia, musk and vetiver, a floral scent of empowerment has been created. The fragrance is available in an Eau de Parfum in 15, 30, 50 and 100ml, as a glowing body lotion or as a silky shower gel. This could be a treat for yourself, but also a lovely gift for someone who relates to the spirit of Beyoncé.

Phalaenopsis in a pot or in a bottle

Did you know that plants make us feel good? Their green colour, the oxygen they release and their optimistic look will make sure that you feel uplifted. So the Phalaenopsis displayed in a pot or in a bottle are both great additions in your home or work environment. This houseplant is available in purple, pink, salmon, white, yellow and blue, and also in various sizes.

You can read all about the story behind the Phalaenopsis and also how to care for it in our Plant guide