Feel zen in a green space

Balmy autumn days tempt you outdoors for a walk amongst rustling leaves, but when it’s windy and wet we know you’d rather stay in. Relaxation time is crucial, and nothing should get in your way of curling up on the sofa with a book or box set. Another way to practice self-care is to spend time pampering in the bathroom. Make this room the green oasis of the house — somewhere where you'll enjoy spending time on yourself.

Bathroom plants


Green plants encourage a sense of wellbeing, so use them to transform your bathroom into a space of calm and tranquillity. The most important requirement for happy bathroom plants is daylight. Then, because your green bathing companions will be exposed to temperature fluctuations from heating, bathing, showering and ventilating, it’s best to opt for uncomplicated individuals who aren’t afraid of water. That way, worrying about your plants won't undo all your hard-earned relaxation.


Tropical plants with thick leaves such as anthuriums and succulents suit rooms with high humidity. They’re very forgiving if you forget to water them from time to time, since they store water in their leaves. Aloë and spider plants also feel right at home in the bathroom. Alternate them with small cacti at safe heights. But it’s not just you who benefits from greenery in the bathroom, as plants can also thrive from being there. For example, bromeliads get a lot of their nutrients from the air in the form of moisture, so they love the steam from your bath. This tropical beauty also brings an attractive touch of colour to your bathroom.


For a riot of rainbow hues you need orchids. Release them from their pots and wrap them in moss or even hang them from the ceiling so that they get the necessary moisture straight from the air. For the full tropical feeling opt for medium-sized indoor trees such as elephant’s foot, money tree, peace lilyferns and particularly Monstera. They perfectly conceal everything around the bath and shower, so you can even imagine that you’re bathing in a lake hidden somewhere in the jungle. 


Of course, it's nice to have something beautiful to look at as well. Air plants do incredibly well in the bathroom. As you shower, they secretly drink from the steam and spray. Available in various shapes and sizes, you can place them in a special air plant pot, or hang them decadently off the showerhead. The mysterious grey Tillandsia is perfect for turning a morning grump into a smile. 


There's a new a modern twist on the traditional scented-candle-by-the-bathtub. We prefer bathing that's focused on energy and renewal, using stimulating bath oils like clove, palmarosa, rosemary, mint and citrus. Gerbera is known in aromatherapy as a way of stimulating openness. Perhaps we could all do with some more of that.

Which plants do you have to enhance your bathroom? Show off your domestic greenery on Instagram with the hashtag #thejoyofplants.