Aglaonema is the latest fashionista

A catwalk packed with green, silver and pink

If you’re looking for a flamboyant plant that’s bang on trend, the unique colours of Aglaonema sparkled during Gucci’s show at Fashion Week, and can bring the Dolce Vita to your interior too.  

Aglaonema Fashionista Gucci

Elegant colour palette 

Judging by his SS 2016 collection, Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele must have had Aglaonema in mind when he was finding and creating his fabrics. He showed precisely the silver and green with pink for which the eye-catching leaves of this fantastic houseplant are so well-known. It’s a combination you don’t come across often, but Michele calls his geek-chic mix “strong and eye-catching like a Gucci woman is. Many colleagues have been inspired by the sea and an underwater world for this season. I was picturing the colours of the houses in Portofino. My woman is an above-water woman.”  

‘We need dreams’ 

What’s notable about the Gucci collection is not only that the colours closely resemble the range of Aglaonema varieties, but their markings too,  in the subtle stripes, shine, spots and dots. “I have a collection of antique fabrics,” says Michele. “I often base new textile designs on them. Old fabrics are often inspired by nature - there wasn’t much else in those days. So that’s echoed in it. But it also represents the spirit of times. It’s not easy to be alive now. We need some dreams, some romance, some eccentricity. That’s in this collection.”

‘Flora and fauna translated into fashion’

Alessandro gets his love of plants from his father. “My mother was a super-stylish lady, my father a sort of shaman who knew all about natural symbols and could tell the story of every plant,” he says. “The only aspiration I have in life is to become a bit like him, because he was a very happy man.” The flora and fauna motifs that Michele grew up with occur in his work “but always translated; it still has to be fashion, of course. On the other hand, nowhere can you find as much eccentricity and distinctiveness as in nature. So translating it into fashion is not difficult.” Translating it into your home is also easy: a couple of Aglaonema not only introduces symbolism but also a touch of that ‘bella figura’ for which the Italian lifestyle is famous.  

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