5 plants with a name to remember

An original gift with a message

What does your name say about you? A lot in this case. And with all those difficult Latin plant names, it is a relief to learn their other plant names. They are like a living message or original gift with a message. And as a lovely bonus, these five are also well-known for creating a real atmosphere in the house.

1. Fiddle-leaf fig / Ficus lyrata

Sounds like music to your ears. The fiddle-leaf fig, so called because of its violin-shaped leaves. For the real music lover.

2. Peace palm / Cycas Revoluta

Cycas palm, small-leaved sago palm, and peace palm. Good for when you want make amends for something.

3. Elephant's ear / Alocasia

A tough plant with large cartoon leaves. Also known as 'the tree that grows in the sky' just like the plant in the 'Jack and the Beanstalk' fairy tale. This makes it a symbol of taking opportunities when they arise, even if they are risky. Perfect if you want to wish someone "Happy New Beginnings"!

4. Finger tree / Schefflera

Due of its characteristic leaf shape, a Schefflera is also known as a finger tree. And you don't have to have green fingers, because it can even withstand a little neglect.

5. Velvet plant / Gynura aurantiaca

The leaves look just like velvet, with their small brightly coloured hairs. In beautiful purple, violet. That's where the name Velvet Plant comes from. With flowers, purple stands for dignity, preparation, all things physical. It  also stands for mourning and you can literally wish somebody some colour in life again during a period of mourning with this plant.