Sound familiar? You’re walking home through the twilight and somewhere on the street you catch the scent of steaming pans with classic autumn dishes featuring (edible) plants. Creamy pumpkin soup with deep-fried sage, game with rosemary served with rich gravy or a stew with a hint of clove. Is your mouth watering yet? Stop at the nearest supermarket, pop into the garden and get to work on the finest autumn dishes with green input.

4 Autumn recipes Thejoyofplants.co.uk

Game time

The season where you can enjoy a nice cut of meat with refined, earthy flavours has started. Whether you opt for lamb, rabbit or venison, success lies in the preparation, the garnish and the love that you invest in the dish.

Accompanying snack

This is a classic dish with the wow factor that is super easy to make. What’s also worth bearing in mind is that it works equally well as a side dish for dinner or as a snack on the table.

Sweet treats

Autumn means the nutcracker can come out of the drawer again. It’s time for walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts. Add a sweet note to the nuts with this recipe for a delicious banana walnut cake with borage

Don’t forget the birds

And since you’re feeding hungry mouths, don’t forget that others are also peckish. Birds, for example! A delicious meal is easy to make. You really just need to let Nature do its thing.