Tips and inspiration for a radiant spring garden

Your garden stretches contentedly after its winter hibernation.  Soon it will have a new lease of life and will be ready to explode in all directions with erupting buds and brand-new leaves. Plant some attractive garden bloomers to give an instant brilliant spring feel - we hereby declare the outdoor season officially open! 

Tips and inspiration for a radiant spring garden Thejoyofplants.co.uk

In order for you to be able to enjoy the spring in every way possible, we have put together a cheerful spring dossier for you, packed with plant tips, handy facts and fun DIY projects. Whether you want to know how to make hanging gardens or want to install an irrigation system now in order to avoid the need to constantly sprinkle during the hot summer days, this is the time to do it. 

Spring trends 

You can decide what style you want to enjoy over the coming seasons. Maybe you think that weeds can be beautiful too - not least because it cuts down on the hard work - and you will feel at home in a harmonious garden that tells its own story. If you spend most of your time outdoors during the fine weather months, you can explore new ways (we’re moving from 2D to 3D!) to link the indoors and the outdoors. If you enjoy plenty of stimulation, you can get your fill of trendy pattern and colour mixes, bursting with fragrance. And if you secretly dream of a spot where you can withdraw from reality, there’s plenty of inspiration for a fairytale garden packed with surprises. Enjoy it: it’s a great lead-in to summer. 

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Beautiful images

You can also find an &Spring board packed with plants on Pinterest. Get inspiration, repin and comment to your heart's content. If you have your own spring board with plant inspiration, let us know where we can admire it!